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Whiteboard Demo Video For Your Business”

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We help companies communicate their message in a way thats interesting, effective and memorable.
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Our mixing pot of genius.

  • Script

    We take the questionnaire and produce a fun, dynamic and concise script explaining exactly what your company or product provides.

  • Voiceover

    We will give you multiple options when choosing voice overs to get the perfect style and emphasis of your message.

  • Storyboard

    This is where the script comes to life as a visual representation of your company or product.

  • Illustration

    All props and characters are illustrated and setup for animation. We provide you with a few samples of your animation style before committing entirely to the animation.

  • Animation

    This where we breathe life into the video with the help of our highly trained animators who only use the best systems and programs available.

  • Sound Design

    Once your video is alive and kicking we add sound effects and music to give your video the one two punch to drive your message home and leave a lasting impression that will keep your customers coming back.

  • Delivery

    We bring everything together and encode the video in high resolution so it’s ready to go!

  • Promotion

    We give you advice on how to best promote your video so it gets as much as attention as possible. If you subscribe to our video promotion program we will take care of promoting your video and ensuring it ranks high on search results and gets maximum exposure.